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I Am Proud To Be Thrifty

I Am Proud To Be Thrifty

Someone once told me that I should change my moniker ( The "Thrifty" Fashionista)  and the name of my business ( Shop The Thrifty Fashionista). In their opinion the word thrift denoted something negative. To them their is nothing hot, sexy, fabulous or fashionable about being thrifty. However here is the thing " THRIFT...is more than the mere practice of saving money: it implies rather a denunciation of every form of waste, not only of money, but of time, energy, talents, and other assets of mankind." - 'World Thrift Day,' The Times, October 26, 1938. Now that is a WORD for you. I am proud to be thrifty and clearly by definition smart as hell. Now back to living my best life. Happy Nationional Thrift Shop Day!


The Hot, Sexy, Fabulous, And FASHIONABLE "THRIFTY" Fashionista

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